Practice basic Spanish words

The word quiz available in the following pages offers a way to learn and practice the basic Spanish vocabulary for various topics.

The method is simple: you click for a new word (which can be English or Spanish depending on your settings); type in the corresponding word in the other language; then check to see whether you were correct.

One limitation to the quiz is that, as opposed to the richness of any language, words here have only one correct answer. This answer needs to be typed with the correct spelling, taking care of lower and upper case as well.

Where the Spanish word is a noun, be sure to start with the article (el, la, los, las). If a noun may be both masculine and feminine (e.g. el dentista / la dentista), go with the masculine option.

A possible alternative, which should make your practice quicker and more convenient, is to spare yourself the typing. Just say or think of the answer and click. This will obviously skew the results (all answers will be "wrong") but this is no contest, after all, and we do not record results, anyway :-)

The Spanish words used for the quiz can be found as thematic word lists in the "Basic vocabulary" menu, so you may begin to learn them there before you start to practice here.

If you find mistakes or inaccuracies, please tell us. Thank you.









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