Spanish language online radios - Emisoras en español

What is available here

The following pages contain more than 600 Spanish language online radios categorized by country. What you will find here is not simply radio station home pages: direct links to online streams are also listed so you can start listening to these radios right away.

Emisoras en español

Más de 600 emisoras de España y América Latina, país por país.

Argentine flag Argentina (125 radios)
Bolivian flag Bolivia (17 radios)
Chilean flag Chile (50 radios)
Colombian flag Colombia (13 radios)
Costa Rican flag Costa Rica (20 radios)
Cuban flag Cuba (7 radios)
Dominican flag Dominican Republic (12 radios)
Ecuadorean flag Ecuador (31 radios)
El Salvadorean flag El Salvador (34 radios)
Guatemalan flag Guatemala (25 radios)
Mexican flag Mexico (59 radios)
Panamanian flag Panama (26 radios)
Paraguayan flag Paraguay (17 radios)
Peruvian flag Peru (35 radios)
Puerto Rican flag Puerto Rico (20 radios)
Spanish flag Spain | España (61 radios)
Uruguayan flag Uruguay (59 radios)
Venezuelan flag Venezuela (20 radios)
  Honduras, Nicaragua (10 radios)

How to listen to online radios

The players necessary for listening to radio stations on the internet are available free through the following links.

(protocol | file extension)
 Winamp.m3u .pls
 Windows Media Player mms: | .asf .asx .wax .wvx
 Real Playerrtsp: | .ra .rm .ram .rmm .rpm

The quality of the streams may vary. Most of the stations are streaming 24 hours a day, but a couple of them offer only periodic programs.

Feedback; non-accessible radio stations

All radio station streams were operational when added to the list. Please be aware that direct links pointing to these streams can only be checked manually; no automatic method is reliable enough. This is, however, a several-day job, so it is done only on a quarterly basis. In between such checks, a station may become inaccessible through the link listed. We are grateful for any feedback helping to weed out non-working items.

Other options for unavailable radio stations:

Possibly it is only the direct access to the stream that has changed. In this case the website of the radio station (also listed where available) can be useful for finding the new URL of the audio stream. (Of course we try to update such links as quickly as possible.)

Some streams may not start by clicking on the icon. In such cases you may need to right-click the icon and choose the Copy Shortcut option. Then open the player, click File / Play URL (or similar) and insert the address copied.

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