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This page offers a list of free online tools and resources. You can filter them by topic (they may overlap):

TopicWebsites that contain
Grammarconjugation tables (or online conjugators), grammar summaries, explanations...
Tests, quizzesusually interactive ways to check your knowledge of a particular area...
Audio, podcastsdownloadable mp3, audio streams, sound clips - often with comprehension exercises...
Videointerviews or short films - often with comprehension exercises...
Pronunciationguides, audio, interactive presentations to learn and practice Spanish pronunciation...
Textbookonline textbooks or supplements for print ones with additional activities...
Fun and gamessimpler, more entertaining exercises and activities, often specifically for children...
Reading / vocabularystories, tales, articles; vocabulary builders, word lists and simple dictionaries...
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Also check out the grammar section on this site.
Also check out the audio & transcripts section on this site.
Also check out the interactive tests on this site.
Also check out our own hangman game with Spanish proverbs and the word search game.
Also check out our own vocabulary and word practice sections.

BBC - Languages - Learn Spanish

A quality learning resource. Interactive online courses with audio and video material and exercises; listening comprehension practice for different situations (complete with drills crucial for language learning :-)); vocabulary building using articles on current issues.

Spanish Proficiency Exercises

Extremely useful educational material - hundreds of brief video clips made with native speakers about dozens of topics (each chapter contains one simplified and several real-life monologues) for beginner, intermediate, advanced and superior level language learners. With transcripts, vocabulary lists, sample sentences and chapter-related grammar.

Cultural Interviews with Latin American & Spanish Executives

"A compilation of over 200 brief video clips in which Latin American and Spanish executives discuss cultural issues." Complete with Spanish transcripts, English translation, topic-related vocabulary and cultural background. A great way to practice understanding live speech.

Nursing tasks in medical Spanish nurse/nursespanish.html

Several dozen medical-related live conversations [QuickTime-movies] with full transcripts, English translation and vocabulary.

Spanish grammar exercises

Fill-in-the-blank questions on a wide range of grammatical subjects, with feedback indicating suggested answers. Nice, clean, easy to use.

Spanish NewsBites

News stories from Spain and Latin America in Spanish, with audio and built-in glossary, specially adapted for language learners at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Every article comes with interactive exercises.

Surface Languages

Excellent resource for vocabulary learning: tons of Spanish phrases and five hundred common Spanish words you can listen to and practice through flashcards; simple but fun games for colors, days, fruits, months, vegetables and numbers; and interactive crosswords.

Spanish Language Practice

Interactive grammar exercises and a complete online grammar book with "the essential points of Spanish grammar for intermediate / advanced students"

Notes from Spain - Notes in Spanish

Dozens of podcast-style informal conversations about Spain in Spanish [downloadable in mp3; file size: 4-20 Mb]. Advanced and intermediate level - not too difficult to understand and starting from podcast #35 transcripts can be bought for the recordings. Nice for practicing comprehension and finding out about actual language use, culture, everyday life etc. The site also presents a "phrase of the week".


A selection of Spanish podcasts for all levels.

ssl4you - Español Segunda Lengua para Todos

Podcast with various topics, from the paella to the siesta, birthday and gifts to the weekly shopping. The Spanish transcript is followed by the English translation. [mp3-format]

The Spanish Listening Blog

Audio exercises for advanced Spanish language learners.

News in slow Spanish

Weekly podcast episodes discussing world news in an easy-to-understand style and a slow pace, by a native speaker; useful from lower intermediate level. Additional features for subscribers.

Spanish as a foreign language castestr/castellaest.htm

Exercises for different verb tenses and moods - past, present, future tense; subjunctive, conditional and imperative mood.

Fun Trivia world/languages/spanish.html

Entertaining web quizzes ranging from idiomatic expressions and topic-specific vocabulary to Spanish abbreviations and false friends.

LangMedia: Spanish in Spain / Argentina / Ecuador / Mexico / Nicaragua

Practical information about getting around in Spain and Latin American countries - basic communications, culture and social life, necessities, transportation, shopping and services. Most of the topics include related video clips [.ram format] of authentic Spanish-language conversation in everyday situations, with transcript and translation.

Viaje al pasado: los aztecas

Excellent, high quality educative material assisting in the understanding and proper use of Spanish past tenses (imperfecto, perfecto simple, perfecto impuesto). The whole site is in Spanish, but the explanations (using Prehispanic cultural settings) are clearly spoken with complete transcripts available; related practice exercises; even two time travel adventure games located in Tenochtitlán, 1519. [Shockwave required]

El Camino de Santiago

A complex study resource, where you can immerse yourself in the experience of The Way of St. James; a virtual trip with the opportunity to understand and practice multiple grammatical aspects of the Spanish language through video explanations and dozens of interactive exercises. The site is in Spanish.

Rocket Languages

Lots of Spanish grammar, useful phrases and basic vocabulary with audio, plus a thorough pronunciations guide.

Pimsleur Approach

Guides on essential Spanish grammar, situation-specific vocab lists with sound clips, and also a bit of fun (memory game, match-up quiz etc.).


Explanations on Spanish grammar, phrases, verb tenses and conjugating; mostly with short practice tests.

AT&T Labs Text-To-Speech Demo ~ttsweb/tts/demo.php

An online text reader that offers a male and a female Latin American voice for reading Spanish-language sentences. Great quality compared to a lot of artificial-sounding text readers but only allows 300 characters as input.

Español para extranjeros

Three dozen Flash-based exercises (some of them quite complex but fun to use) to learn vocabulary, verb tenses and other grammar (pronouns, diminutives), useful phrases, Spanish geography etc. The whole site is in Spanish.

Fonética: los sonidos del español spanish/frameset.html

The phonetic sounds of Spanish presented through a scientific approach (with even the anatomy of speaking shown). Listen to each sound in itself or as it is used in Spanish words. Attractively designed, easy to use application - a good aid for practicing Spanish pronunciation. [Requires Flash]

The Sounds of Spanish - Web resources

Spanish pronunciation - quite scientific, but can be useful for learners of the language. The page offers a downloadable pdf-booklet containing all tables and figures of the print book titled "The Sounds of Spanish" and mp3-format files for each Spanish pronunciation example in those tables (about 150 short audio clips).

SpanishPrograms - Language learning resource guide

Fun games to practice topical vocabulary (body, food, family, animals) and conjugation; plus some grammar and useful phrases (greetings, business expressions).

Wikibooks - Spanish

A nice beginner level online textbook offering grammar, basic vocabulary and conversations with audio samples [ogg-format].

The Internet Picture Dictionary: Spanish

A couple of hundreds of basic Spanish words categorized by topic. Several simple practice exercises to reinforce new vocabulary (Flashcards, Fill-in-the-blanks, Word Scramble, Stinky Spelling, Straight Recall). Nice for children. - Español

Excellent audio-visual dictionary with hundreds of words and expressions. The "Grammar" section also offers a lot of Spanish audio (with very clear pronunciation) accompanying the sample expressions and sentences.

Little Explorers - English-Spanish Picture Dictionary

More than a thousand dictionary entries illustrated with simple pictures.

HelloWorld Mini Picture Dictionary Dic/PicDicHome.htm

You can learn basic vocabulary through pictures and audio here; the words are spoken in English as well, so it is also useful for Spanish-speaking English learners.

Hola Español - Diccionario

An audiovisual dictionary where you can listen to the full conjugation of verbs as well. The site also has a practical pronunciation guide and several Flash-based activities to learn and practice basic vocabulary and simple conversation, all with audio clips.

The Language Tutors

Spanish learning podcasts + detailed explanations of many grammatical and usage aspects for language learners (in the forum section).


Listen to the song in Spanish and try to fill in the gaps in the lyrics.

Pulpo y Calamar

Comic strips featuring an octopus and a squid conversing in Spanish, using a vocabulary suitable for beginners.

Interactive tests for practicing various tenses and irregular verbs. Two online crosswords.

Spanish grammar (and vocabulary) games

Lots of basic, intermediate and advanced level interactive multiple-choice tests in a very clean, easy-to-use interface.

Free Spanish exercises

A couple of interactive tests on prepositions, subjunctive and indicative mood, verbs and tenses, vocabulary, reading and understanding.

Learn Spanish: A free online tutorial

Pronunciation exercises [Shockwave necessary], grammatical rules, verb conjugation. Tests at the end of each chapter.


The layout of this site is quite confusing, but it offers nice printable flashcards and wallcharts as well as a large number of online quizzes [Flash required].

Caminos burgy/caminos/2e/students/

Site containing auxiliary material for an mid-advanced-level textbook. The audio for each chapter downloadable as mp3. Multiple-choice tests and comprehension practice based on short videos [QuickTime]; vocabulary building with interactive flashcards.


A professionally-made soap opera style series for those who are just a little bit into Spanish yet. All 52 video episodes freely available after registration.

Learn Spanish Today

Online quiz center with a dozen simple quizzes on basic Spanish words and expressions useful in everyday situations.

Business Spanish

Short but nice Spanish lessons to learn the basics (conversations and vocabulary, travel items), plus related comprehension practice and interactive tests, all coming with mp3 audio samples.

Spanish for managers

A dozen relatively easy online exercises for practicing basic grammar concepts.

Spanish Audio & Video Online - Creighton University

Pronunciation of numbers from 0 to 1000, with interactive panel (Los números 0-1000). General questions and answers in Spanish, both written and spoken. A short Spanish language video about the clothes of the interviewee. [Shockwave, QuickTime necessary]

Learn A

Audio flash cards for Spanish verbs, vocabulary topics and common phrases. Real-life conversations with English translation.

Spanish Flash Cards

Flash cards for Spanish adjectives, nouns (by category), verbs, adverbs, conjunctions and prepositions.

Spanish Practice Game

Find the Spanish equivalent of English words in a simple Flash-game. If you guess right, you can listen to the native pronunciation of the word while a flower grows as a reward.

The Spanish Sound Archive

Recorded samples from different Spanish dialects (Cuban, Venezuelan and Puerto Rican) with the corresponding text of each recording also available [wav and mp3 format].

Noticias de la Radio de las Naciones Unidas

Here you can listen to the Spanish language news of the United Nations radio - clear pronunciation and full transcripts, great for practicing [ram format, RealPlayer required].

Audio Biblia

The New Testament with psalms and proverbs in Spanish, downloadable in mp3-format.

Wordtheque - Children's Library new_wordtheque.wcom_literature_baby.print_doc1? lang=es&letter=A&source=&num_row=20

Full text and downloadable mp3 audio for a lot of Spanish language children's tales, including many well-known stories.

Spanish Grammar Exercises

About a hundred short (15-25-question long) interactive grammar tests on verb forms and usage, conjunction, prepositions and pronouns.

Spanish level tests

Interactive 30-question level tests, created according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages: from level A1 to B2. You can advance to the next level if you answer 70% correctly.

Spanish level test

Short online tests from beginner level to advanced, with explanations for wrong answers.

Delengua level test

A 45-question interactive test to gauge your knowledge of the language.

Arriba! Comunicación y cultura 0,8823,1201985-,00.html

Auxiliary material for a textbook: tests and audio. [RealPlayer].

Verbs in Spanish

Learn how to conjugate and use Spanish verbs in different tenses. Explanations, examples and exercises.

¡Es fácil!

Comprehensive online verb conjugation practice, fill-in-the-blanks style. (The only minor difficulty is, you need to know the names of Spanish verb tenses.) The site also has an English-Spanish verb dictionary (click Traducir verbo).

Spanish Verbs Online

Online conjugation trainer. Choose the verb tense you want to practice and you will be given related simple exercises.

How to conjugate Spanish verbs

Online tool offering both standard and reverse conjugation with translation.

Conjuguemos - Spanish verb conjugation practice

The title says it all :-) Free registration necessary.

A Escribir

Detailed bilingual Spanish grammar explanations of every aspect of Spanish. Interactive exercises included in each grammar section.

123 Teach me

Online verb conjugator.


Online conjugation and vocabulary trainer (by topic or by level) with a nice, clean interface. Registered users can have their results saved.

Multiple choice vocabulary test variable=words/spanish.all

Customizable tests for 2256 words and expressions. (Questions are called "problems" :-)). Unfortunately, it doesn't use accent marks for the Spanish words.

Interactive vocabulary and grammar exercises (fill-in-the-blanks, matching) for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners; cultural and historical tests, situational practice.

English-Spanish Vocabulary Quizzes

A huge number of vocabulary tests in a broad range of topics, created by volunteers.

Quiz Tree - Spanish vocabulary - Educational quizzes

About 50 nice little Flash-quizzes, each with 10-19 questions, all doubling as multiple-choice and drag-and-drop. Difficulty is beginner level, you can even listen to the correct answer before choosing it from the options.

Spanish Language and Culture

Lots of exercises, interactive tests and video-based comprehension practice. Well-designed, with a little playfulness. Some sections only in Spanish.

Spanish Language Drills

20 quizzes with grammar questions. Not as interactive as you'd expect (no automatic evaluation of answers) but still practical and has useful notes for each grammatical issue.

VMI Spanish drills and grammar

A huge selection of simple interactive grammar exercises. Each quiz has a related explanation box to the right offering grammatical background.

Spanish Grammar Genius

Answers to questions about the Spanish language (mainly grammar, as the title of the site suggests). Visitors can submit new questions online.

University of Hong Kong Language Center - Spanish

A huge amount of interactive exercises for beginner and intermediate (and a couple of them for advanced) level Spanish. Listening and reading comprehension practice, various grammar tests (from plurals to prepositions to conjugation and more), translation exercises and grammar overview.

Más arriba

Many basic comprehension exercises with solutions; both questions and answers can be listened to as well. Good for children.


Hundreds of short interactive grammar exercises with a quite comprehensive coverage of Spanish grammar. The whole site is in Spanish, click Ejercicios for the tests.

Spanish Language Exercises - Self-Check Exercises Ejercicios/self-check.html

Interactive tests related to various grammar issues.

Ejercicios de gramática y ortografía

Grammar tests, not all of them interactive (some of them only shows the solution). Most of them purely Spanish.

Spaleon - Spanish, learn it online

Interactive exercises for practicing verb conjugation, categorized by verb tense. Useful online service.

AskOxford Spanish

A couple of listening comprehension tests and pronunciation guide for both standard and Latin American Spanish (Take Off series); a list of essential phrases; advice on writing in Spanish with two dozen downloadable sample letters.

Paso a paso

6 different level textbooks - for each chapter in each book a "Self-Test" of 20 questions available online. The majority of them useful for practice even without the actual book.

Glencoe World Languages - Español

Online material for a Spanish textbook series (a dozen books). Includes self-check quizzes and games [Flash required] for each chapter.

Puntos de partida

Complementary resource for a 18-chapter textbook with complex online activities: a lot of practice tests (even multiple choice picture quizzes), flashcards for words and expressions [Shockwave required], short readings and other simple tasks.

Glovico Spanish Textbook

25 well-structured lessons of an online textbook - Spanish dialogues and reading, vocabulary, grammar pointers, cultural notes. Flash cards and multiple-choice tests here.

¿Sabías que...? Beginning Spanish

Support website for a textbook. For each chapter it offers flashcards; a video (plus the same in audio); and 8-10 short interactive quizzes which may be useful even if you do not have the book itself. [requires Shockwave and QuickTime]


An online magazine published a couple of times a month. All issues contain a beginner, intermediate and advanced level text with related exercises. Archives available from 2005.

Test yourself - Free online Spanish exercises

A 100+ very simple and short tests. [18 of them can be accessed directly, the rest by jumping from one to the other.]

Cuentos con vocabulario, sonido y ejercicios interactivos pedagogi.html

Three texts for learners of Spanish, spoken in RealAudio as well, with exercises. Quite chaotic but managable.

Test your Spanish level

Short multiple-choice assessment tests (10 questions each) on the site of a language school.

Spanish Proficiency Test proftest/spanish/tlspatest.htm

A four-part online self-evaluation test on a language product site.


Beginner level hangman game with 61 words.

Spanish Tongue Twisters

As the title suggests, a huge list of funny Spanish sentences; English translation provided at the bottom of the page.

Grammar Tests

A "Quick and Painless Grammar Test" with 20 questions and a "Slow and Painful Grammar Test" with one hundred.

Translator Alligator

Practicing basic Spanish words in several simple quiz formats; has eight topics.

English-Spanish Dictionary Translation Games, Activities and Quiz

Simple quiz for learning and practicing basic vocabulary and expressions, categorized into 10 topics, each with Spanish to English and English to Spanish versions. Several quiz formats available for each topic, but the interface is very cluttered, not easy to use.

Home Education Resources FREEspanish.htm

A couple of printable one-page vocabulary lists and basic grammar aids.

Una colección de recursos de web para estudiantes del idioma español.   Spanyol nyelvtanulás: online tananyagok, hanganyagok, szótárak, játékok és források.

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