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This site was created for Spanish learners; every material provided here is free.

We hope you'll have fun learning Spanish!

A short introduction

Where to begin

Get acquainted with the basics of the language, including elementary vocabulary for various topics (like colors, numbers, jobs, clothes or animals) and useful everyday expressions from greetings to introducing yourself to shopping and asking for directions.

All this vocabulary comes with pronunciation included - you can listen to each word and expression!

In the grammar section, you'll find some explanations, rules and charts about masculine/feminine nouns, forming plurals, the quite complicated verb conjugation of the language (with irregular -ar, -er, -ir ending verbs), or the use of adjectives.

Practice your words

Your knowledge of basic vocabulary can be reinforced with the easy-to-use interactive word practice module.

Listen and speak

Lots of audio files created by the University of California can be found here with full transcript so you can listen to native Spanish speakers and improve your pronunciation.

Tests for different levels

The interactive online tests provided on the site will give you instant feedback about your progress.

Just starting? Try this long general basic-level test or a shorter one about present tense conjugation. Can you tell the time in Spanish, and are you familiar with family relationships?

Do you know what the Spanish mean by bizarro, molestar or bigote? Or who a londinense or porteño is?

More advanced exercises

Make predictions by creating a Spanish language story that uses the future tense. Give advice to your friend who is having problems, using the imperative.


Solve a crossword puzzle by putting verbs into simple past. Find Spanish proverbs with a hangman game, or work yourself through a series of riddles by finding the hidden words.

Internet radio

Create a Spanish-speaking environment in your own room by "tuning in" to an online radio station from Spain or Latin America. We have collected more than 600 such radios for you to choose from.

Useful resources

As the web is full of free stuff that can assist your studies, a helpful guide to explore other educational content (audio, video, quizzes and textbooks) is also provided, as well as a list of online Spanish-English dictionaries.

(Not necessarily of interest to English-speakers, but the site also has a Spanish-Hungarian dictionary.)

In order to make it easier to use materials away from the computer, our pages are optimized to be printable without design and navigation elements.


We aim to offer an ever-expanding and up-to-date aggregate resource for anyone who decides to learn Spanish.

In order to accomplish this we welcome your suggestions either about additional online resources to list, relevant information to publish, or new ideas to implement.

Una colección de recursos de web para estudiantes del idioma español.   Spanyol nyelvtanulás: online tananyagok, hanganyagok, szótárak, játékok és források.

The basics

Practicing Spanish




Enter the infinitive of the verb (saber, andar etc.)

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